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Commercial Law / Civil Law

As Lawyers in Vienna, we have been representing commercial enterprises, banks, tax consultants, etc for many years.
That is how we gained value-added, practical experience and profound knowledge in proceedings before commercial and civil courts as well as in arbitration tribunals. We are also specialists in the field of business start-ups and acquisitions.

We are eager to deal with multifaceted legal problems, draw up customized agreements and contracts as well as complex remedies brought before superior courts and the Supreme Court. These activities require profound knowledge of procedural law which we possess.

Dr. Kiechl also holds seminars on various legal fields, such as seminars on the Convention on the law applicable to contractual obligations, international procedural law and contract law.


We regularly represent clients in proceedings concerning labour law, especially before the Arbeits- und Sozialgericht (labour and social court) in Vienna; we therefore have extensive experience in every aspect of labour and social law. We pride on our profound knowledge in this area and on our cooperation with special interest groups.

Family Law

In this area, it is essential to recognise, distinguish and solve emotional and legal problems.
An accompanying mediation or psychological attendance is often necessary. That is why we recommend and bring in competent partners and experts from those fields.

When it comes to divorces, it is important to explore the option of consensual divorce which is very often more profitable and faster - but not at all costs.
It is also vital to consider the repercussions of the divorce concerning claims in the field of social law (pension, widow's pension, health insurance).

Concerning non-consensual divorces, sensitivity and tactical skills are necessary. The major part of all divorce proceedings end in consensual divorces. The feared disputes going on for years and ending in division of the matrimonial assets are avoidable in most cases.

We especially pride on our skills in the area of the difficult and economically important maintenance law (spouse and child support) where we were able to obtain important landmark decisions from superior courts and the Supreme Court.
We provide quick and committed advice for victims of domestic violence.

Landlord and Tenant Law, Real Estate Law

The Austrian landlord and tenant law is very complex due to its several reviews and amendments. Unprofessional handling can thus lead to irretrievable damages. That is why you should seek professional help, most notably with regard to time limitations.

Real estate law is one of our core competences. We deal especially with contracts of sale, splitting of real estate, gifts, establishing personal ownership and contracts for property developers. A further core area is land registers. That is how we successfully managed one of the greatest splittings of the Second Republic of Austria after more than three years of preparatory work.

Our clients are comprehensively protected and insured by the Elektronische Anwaltliche Treuhandbuch (eATHB)' (Austrian electronic lawyer's trust register) concerning fiduciary arrangements.

Personal Injury

From the very beginning, we have represented a great deal of clients after events of major damage or loss (e.g. accidents).
It is essential to know that you can not only claim compensation for physical and emotional suffering but also for so called fictive care costs (e.g. if close relatives take care of you without charging) as well as for loss of earning.

Efficiently and forcefully, we can defend your interests judicially and extra-judicially.
Experience proves that those who do not seek legal advice often obtain less than those who are represented by a lawyer.

Within the last decades, the field of medical liabilities has changed a lot in favour of those seeking legal protection. The doctor's comprehensive obligation to inform is often a starting point for strict liabilities.

Experts, who have to be impartial, can detect medical malpractice. In several proceedings, we worked with foreign experts in order to avoid even the slightest partiality.

When dealing with events of damage or loss via patient advocacy and the arbitration boards of medical chambers, you should absolutely seek a lawyer's advice and representation.
Large amounts of compensation are rarely obtained without a lawyer's help and you should definitely deliberate thoroughly before signing a general release.

Wills and Probate

With the help of a lawyer, inheritance matters can easily be settled "in written form".
In most cases, it would be wise to seek legal advice in the fields of compulsory portion, debts of the estate, vague last wills or conflicting declarations of acceptance of the inheritance.

If there are minors or a person entitled to maintenance, the guardianship court gets involved and you will need an experienced lawyer in order to handle the proceeding efficiently. Furthermore, the temporary administration as well as access to assets must be planned.

We also excel in probate proceedings concerning foreigners (German, Italian and American etc.).

Other Matters

We also provide committed legal services in the fields of criminal law, constitutional and administrative law as well as immigration law.

As some examples, we point out several proceedings in the fields of finance and tax law, waste management, nature conservation law, building and regional planning as well as their corresponding compensation procedures.

We especially excel in drawing up remedies and bringing them before the Verwaltungs- und Verfassungsgerichtshof (Austrian Administrative Court and Constitutional Court) or before the European Court of Human Rights.


If we do not consider ourselves experts in a certain case, we will tell you and help you find somebody who suits your needs perfectly.

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